CAD adds to the imaginative power of a textile designer

Use of technology enhances the quality of the manufacturing process. The garment industry is a competitive industry where technology can play a significance role.

By using sophisticated Cad software for garment industry, designers can create highly imaginative and creative designs.

They can visualize it and see how the garment will look without a need for producing a sample. Computer Aided Design or CAD made a revolutionary impact in the garment manufacturing world. It modernizes the designing process and adds great value to it.

Hence, it becomes the integral and unavoidable part of the production process. In the fiercely competitive world today, it is impossible to beat the competition without producing innovative designs.

CAD makes designing easy

In the whole process of garment manufacturing, designing is the most complex and cumbersome aspect. Textile engineers are required to put their brains in conceptualizing new and fresh design concepts.

It gives freedom from creating designs using drawing board. By using CAD, they can do it quickly and accurately. They need a computer system, the software and the whole world of designs can be created by the click of the mouse.

The designs are accurate, neat and presentable. Editing or modifying a design is very easy. The same design can be reproduced multiple times by making a slight variation in the color, shades or dimension.

It is the reason; no garment designing lab can survive without sophisticated Cad software for garment industry.

What do we mean by Computer Aided Design?

When computer aided tools are used in the pre-manufacturing stage (or designing stage), it is called CAD. There are two other variants of it; CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) and CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design).

In the textile manufacturing world, CAD is more relevant and useful. It includes software and industry-specific hardware as well (if the manufacturing process is integrated with design).

 Why is it relevant to garment manufacturing?

Conceptualizing new ideas and concepts in garment manufacturing is a vivid and imaginative process. The basic artwork is in the form of film negatives, samples of fabrics or painted artwork. An imaginative designer converts it into workable designs using a sophisticated CAD system.

The final design can be obtained after a few rounds of correction and recreation, but CAD is highly helpful in making accurate patterns. It offers high levels of detailing, grading, layout and design.  The right use of CAD has the potential to the industry at remarkable heights.

If you want to boast your garment industry use CAD software for garment industry, the software plays an important role in getting the various designs and patterns on textiles.

Industrial drying tumblers – must have machines for the laundry industry

Anyone looking to develop a thriving laundry service or laundry business needs to invest in the right kind of equipments necessary for the job. These include standard industrial cleaners, dry cleaning machines and industrial drying tumbler machines. These machines can help the business owners to clean and dry all clothes in the shortest possible time and make sure that the customers have their garments ready at the pre-decided time. It is a well known fact that the more generously a laundry service provider invests in these machines the greater is its chances to succeed in a rapidly developing and evolving market.

Commercial laundry has come a long way since its earlier days when the machines that were used were quite backdated and had only limited capacity in terms of the number of clothes that they could get cleaned and dried. However, with the advancement of science and technology, new cleaning and washing machines have been developed that can get a large number of clothes all clean and tidy within a short amount of time. It is not just necessary to get all clothes washed and cleaned as quickly as possible but also get them all dried and ready to be dispatched within a short amount of time. It is due to this reason that the laundry companies make use of industrial drying tumbler units and other types of drying systems.

A drying tumbler, also known as a tumble dryer, is an industrial grade machine that may have load capacities ranging anywhere between 5 kg and 120 kg. These machines are designed to dry off all the laundry items as quickly as possible while using as little energy to do it as possible. This makes it one of the most functional yet cost effective machinery for the laundry industry. It is also due to this reason that any laundry company looking to make it big in a cutthroat business market needs to have at least a couple of high capacity industrial drying tumblers. It is a well known fact that many laundry companies fail to increase their profit margins as they are needed to pay high sums of money for utility costs. However, by having one of these machines on board, it is perfectly possible for a laundry company to improve its prospects in the commercial laundry market.

The industrial tumble dryer systems are mainly gas powered. This makes them heat up rather quickly. The industrial tumble dryers also feature highly accurate sensors that can detect whether the laundry is dry or not. According to that, they can switch off the heating mechanism of the machines, this reducing energy expenditure and leaving just nothing down to operators. Although the machines might get extremely hot during operation, many of the latest machines come with built-in fire alarms which are connected to the fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers automatically get switched on in case there is a fire. Such wide range of features and benefits make these industrial tumble dryer systems indispensable for the laundry industry.

Industrial tumble dryer systems provided by many companies in Bangalore, the tumble dryer are particularly designed for garment export industry, towel dyeing units and all types of laundry works.

Why do garment manufacturers use fusing machines?

You need several varieties of machines and tools when you manufacture garments at the large scale. It is impossible to carry out the stuff manually as it is time-consuming and less productive.

Amongst the popular devices that bring high levels of automation in the garment manufacturing process, fusing machines for garments are considered very important. These machines hold the fabric and interlining on the conveyor belt.

As the best gets heated, the interlining and fabric get attached firmly. The accuracy of temperature and right alignment are important factors to determine the quality of manufacturing.

When you buy these machines, make sure it is the best in the class. Poor quality of fusing machine results in poor quality of garments.

Daily maintenance keeps the machines healthy

Even if you buy the best and the most expensive fusing machines for garments; it can’t produce top-class products if you do not maintain it well. Experts recommend daily checking of the machine before you start production.

Typically, the pressure on the three rollers (left, center and right) should be checked. Manual checking process can be used for detecting it. You should take a lightweight strip of woven fabric. Let it pass through the heat press machine by holding the other end tightly.

As the end passes through the rollers, the strip should be pulled to feel the pressure. Adjust the pressure if you feel it extraordinary high or inadequate.

Preparing the machine

It is a sophisticated machine. Hence, you should spend some time in preparing it for the production. When the machine is installed, you need the baseline setup. Refer installation manual provided by the vendor. Adjust pressure and temperature as per the data sheet.

Check the availability of thermometer and thermal paper. The temperature should be measured twice a day (typically before and after the lunch break). Perform bond test to know the strength of the machine.

Here are some important checkpoints

  • Physical condition and pressure of the pressure roller
  • Check temperature by using the thermal strip
  • Check all electrical connections
  • There should be solid state relay switches for this machine
  • Operators must wear protective gears such as gloves, visors and aprons
  • One should not operate it until it becomes completely stationary
  • Operators should not use fusing machines for garments if they feel sleepy or tired
  • Do not touch the chamber while the machine is on

Go for the best fusing machine for garments industries, who can offer both single bed and double bed fusing machines with high performance.

Few factors to mull over while buying a sewing machine

If you are someone who takes great delight in sewing and creating his or her own custom clothing, then you should definitely think of getting a superior quality sewing machine. A well designed sewing machine can give you excellent service for many years and serve as a perfect tool for expanding your wardrobe. There are currently numerous companies that offer sewing machines in India. Based on your specific needs and requirements, you can easily get a sewing machine that can present you with multiple features for sewing and creating your own clothes.

A sewing machine can be the best thing for you to buy if you are one of the creative individuals. Here are some of the things that you need to consider while buying a sewing machine.

  • The first thing that you need to look out for is the brand of the machine. While there are many brands that offer these devices, not all of them are equal in terms of the quality they provide. There can also be differences in the number and type of features that are offered by a particular brand. So you will need to ascertain what features and elements you want in your sewing machine and choose the brand accordingly.
  • Whether you are looking to buy your sewing machine from a traditional brick and mortar store or an online shop, you will need to determine whether they are capable of presenting you with the best quality items or not. Make sure that you browse through their extensive catalogs and choose a product that best matches your tastes and preferences. The shop should also be able to provide you with additional sewing accessories in case you want them.
  • You will also need to ask yourself what kind of sewing projects you are looking to handle. Are you thinking of buying a sewing machine to perform some minor handy stitches or do some extensive stitching for creating new clothing items? The extent to which you are intending to use this device will play a major role in determining the type of machine that would be best for you.
  • When you are out to buy a sewing machine, you need to determine a budget from the start so that you do not overspend while you are doing the actual shopping. You will also need to do some market research first so as to come up with a budget that best matches your needs.


Sewing machines in India are available in different brands both home-made and imported. There are numerous sewing machine dealers across India.

All you Need to find out about Busbar Distribution

Alternately known as bus bar or buss bar or bussbar in the electronic power supply system, busbar refers to a metallic strip or bar, which is placed inside switchgear, busway enclosures and panel. They are installed for delivering high current power distribution locally. Besides, they are also used for connecting high voltage equipment at the electrical switchyards and low voltage equipment in battery banks. One of their key features is that they are uninsulated and backed by sufficient stiffness so that they can be supported in air by the insulated pillars.

Provided below are a few facts about busbar distribution that you can acquaint yourself with. Read on to explore.

What exactly should you find out about busbar distribution?

The earliest history of the busbar trunking method can be traced back in the 1930s in the United States. The entire system was introduced in the country to cater to the power demands of the high rise buildings and the evolving production technologies in large factories. In the 1970’s the busbar trunking system was introduced in Turkey by EAE Elektrik A.S. At present, these (EAE) products are exported to 41 countries across the world. Needless to say, the “scale” of success as you can gauge is actually steered by EAE’s ability to meet the high quality standards. Backed by ISO 9001 quality standard and ISO 14001 environmental standard, the products thus coming out from their stable have drawn huge acclaim from all quarters.

The E-line KX Compact Busbar, the E-line KB            (800A … 6300A), E-line KX (400A …6300A) are just a few of the busbar products that have been introduced in the market and have already started gaining traction owing to the following qualities:

  • High endurance to short circuit owing to compact construction
  • Ability to deliver energy even from joints or the tap-off points
  • Very high resistance to fire (IEC 60331)
  • Single-bolt joint construction
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Seismic resistance
  • Requires much less space compared to cable systems
  • Low voltage drop in comparison to cable systems
  • Single bolt joint construction

Busbar Products: All you need to find out about the right companies

Are you procuring your busbar products from a reputed company? Make sure you are checking the credentials of the company thoroughly before you are actually buying from them. Do enquire about the quality checks conducted by them and of course the kind of reputation earned by them.

These days many industries are using busbar distribution for carrying the maximum amount of current, catch hold of the best busbar power distribution system provider.

Computer-controlled embroidery machines create impressive and attractive designs

Use of embroidery is quite popular in the modern times. It is not only an important aspect of branding and decoration but also product quality. Computerized machines use new-age software to make operations simple.

Give appropriate embroidery software training to your team so that they can explore the salient features of it.

Since new and advanced machines use complex software, it is important that your team knows the ins and outs of its operating procedure.

Six functional activities of computerized embroidery process

As far as the use of modern embroidery machine is concerned, it is a complex process which can be broken into six steps.

  • Interpretation of the design and converting it into soft copy is the first and most important aspect.
  • The design is stored in a file format which is understandable by the embroidery machine.
  • The machine reads the file, and appropriate programming instructions are fed to the system.
  • Put the fabric into the appropriate slots you want to embroider on. Machine arms hold the fabric well to ensure correctness of the design.
  • Start the machine and feed the respective program details.
  • The machine runs as per given instructions and finishes stitching.

Your team needs embroidery software training so that you make the best use of it.

How do computer-controlled embroidery machines work?

The majority of embroidery we see around is produced using computer-controlled machines. These sophisticated machines have multi-needle embroidery head which is fixed. A frame holder moves the product into both the directions so that design can be embroidered.

Frame holder is also called pantograph. It plots the design coordinates in two directions, i.e. x and y coordinates. X coordinate is horizontal axis, and Y coordinate is vertical.

Embroidery machine reads the co-ordinate using the source data file and moves the pantograph into a position to receive new positions.

The more sophisticated the machine is, the higher is the perfection.

It is a techno-creative process

Using a good-quality software-controlled machine is a combination of creativity and technology. Three parameters decide the complexity of designs:

  • Type of fabric
  • Design complexity and color combination
  • Number of needles used

When you decide to buy a computerized embroidery machine, buy the best one that fits into your requirement.

Cost is an important criterion, but don’t cut corners because you may end up by installing a mediocre machine. Read user reviews and feedback before you finalize a product.

Catch hold of the best embroidery software training which can help for satisfying the each and every client requirement easily.

Call a seasoned service provider to keep your sewing machine fit and fine

Did you ever consider sewing machine service important? It is critical if you are a garment manufacturer. The amount of fibers, dust, and dirt that get accumulated in the machine affects its performance and efficiency.

It is the reason; you need an efficient service provider to look after it. If you prefer to do it your own, then you need manual, disk-shaped screwdriver, tweezers and brush.

All these items are necessary for good cleaning. Though some people love to clean the machine in-house, it is not an appropriate way always.

Hence, people prefer to outsource the task of maintenance to professional service providers.

Indicative steps of sewing machine maintenance

Typically, sewing machine service provider checks the general working condition first. Experts come at your place and perform following actions mentioned below. These are indicative steps, and they may differ case to case.

  • Mechanics loosen tension springs by raising the pressure foot. They lose threads and dislodge lint by putting folded muslin cloth between tension discs.
  • They remove bobbin and bobbin case, and also remove the throat place.
  • They dust small lint and clean feed dogs.
  • Compressed air spray is used for removing threads and lint from different areas if the machine. It is important to keep the nozzle at least six inches away from the machine parts so that no moisture reaches there.
  • Machine mechanics follow sewing machine repair and maintenance guide to oil the machine. Every machine has a difference oiling guideline. Hence, it is important that your sewing machine service partner reads it carefully.

Why is it important to outsource machine maintenance activity?

Sewing machine maintenance is very important to keep the performance high. Hence, you should not take it lightly. Hire a service provider that is known for quality and reliability. Find an expert that you trust the most.

When you hire a servicing company that follows industry standards, it follows a brand-specific training. Every mechanic in the team specializes in a particular brand. It is the biggest benefit.

Calling an expert after every three months will cost you more than signing an annual maintenance contract.  Also, you will get reliable service.

Check local service providers only if they are affiliated with some recognized agency. It assures the quality of service. Follow tips and tricks of finding right servicing agency from the Internet. Read service reviews and feedback of users and customers.

Before hiring a company for sewing machine service for your garment industry, first you have to check the brand and the quality of the service provider.