Commercial sewing machines take your garment business higher and higher

Have you ever thought about the evolution of sewing machine? Yes, indeed the patent was given to Elias Howe, but it was a long journey actually. In fact, the first sewing machine was a rough beginning.

One after another, improvements were made, and sewing machines became more and more sophisticated. Experts say that the first cut design hardly has any resemblance with today’s machines.

The history of commercial sewing machines in India is not very old. Indians didn’t know about sewing machines before the British rule. Massive mechanization brought by the British rulers introduced these wonder machines in our country.

Very soon, it became quite popular, and there was a time when almost every household, that could afford it had a sewing machine.

Continuous improvement made it effective

As stated earlier, many people contributed to the design of the sewing machine and many changes were made to make it simpler and easier.

For example, Allan Wilson introduced the rotary hook which carries the bobbin to do the work of the shuttle. He also added the serrated bar which moved the cloth easy.

Isaac Singer (yes, the well-known brand Singer is patented by him) is considered the most dominant figure in the field of sewing machine industry.

Once upon a time, Singer was the predominant name in the field of domestic and commercial sewing machines in India. Even today also it carries the charm and fame.

He made several modifications and added many valuable features to it. The most admired one it the vertical presser foot. He was also the first person to use the treadle. It made the hands of the operator free so that cloth could be managed well.

According to the masters of the business, Singer should be more admired for his business skills because he actually made the sewing machines popular.

Sewing machine is an integral part of the apparel industry

As the garment industry increases manifold, commercial sewing machines in India gets further importance. Today we have a wide variety of machines and many brands to choose.

From manual to fully automatic and single-thread to multiple-thread; the choices are many. It is important that one is clear about the requirements while ordering the machine.

Safety standards followed by a machine are important in the commercial environment. Since the machine operates for long hours, consistency is also equally important.  Choose the right machine which takes your business to new heights.

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Buy appropriate zigzag sewing machine for your garment manufacturing setup

When you stitch clothes, there is a need of several types of stitches. Obviously, one sewing machine can’t fulfill the requirements of all types. For example, when you stitch laces or you want to hem edges; you need zig zag sewing machine.

It forms a zigzag seam where the stitches are at an angle to each other. The seam looks beautiful, and it is firmer than the normal seam.

A zigzag machine operates with the speed of 5000 stitches per minute. The distance between two stitches can be 10 MM at the most.

With the change in the direction and sequence of the horizontal movements of the needle, you can achieve figured zigzag seams.  It gets repeated after several stitches. Zigzag machines are very useful for several applications.

How does zigzag stitch form?

The machine uses bobbin and chain stitch to form the pattern. When the fabric moves one stitch down the seam (typically known as the fabric step), the needle moves left and right alternatively.  The fabric step and the needle step determine the width of the seam and width of the zigzag respectively.

When you choose a zig zag sewing machine, make sure you pay attention to these two parameters. Based on the requirement f your fabric, you can use an appropriate machine. The width and angle of the zigzag are adjustable up to some extent, though.

You must look into the requirement before buying zig zag sewing machine

Before you decide to spend considerable money for a specialized sewing machine, it is important to know the requirement beforehand. What you want to have in your manufacturing unit and what you actually need are two different things.

If there is not much requirement of zig zag stitch, then you can decide to outsource the same. However, if you have a frequent requirement, then it is cost-effective decision to buy the machine instead of outsourcing it every time.

Amongst several models, you should pick the most suitable one for your needs. Do not over estimate or under estimate your requirements. It will lead into purchasing an inappropriate machine.

Once you are clear about the requirement, start looking for machines that fit into your budget. Read every line of functional specification so that you do not miss anything important.

Check the extra facilities such as adjustable length of stitch and patterned stitches, etc. Don’t look at the price tag only. Give priority to your work requirement.

Most of the garment industry or text tile industries need the zig zag sewing machine for stitching stretchable fabric.

Few factors to mull over while buying a sewing machine

If you are someone who takes great delight in sewing and creating his or her own custom clothing, then you should definitely think of getting a superior quality sewing machine. A well designed sewing machine can give you excellent service for many years and serve as a perfect tool for expanding your wardrobe. There are currently numerous companies that offer sewing machines in India. Based on your specific needs and requirements, you can easily get a sewing machine that can present you with multiple features for sewing and creating your own clothes.

A sewing machine can be the best thing for you to buy if you are one of the creative individuals. Here are some of the things that you need to consider while buying a sewing machine.

  • The first thing that you need to look out for is the brand of the machine. While there are many brands that offer these devices, not all of them are equal in terms of the quality they provide. There can also be differences in the number and type of features that are offered by a particular brand. So you will need to ascertain what features and elements you want in your sewing machine and choose the brand accordingly.
  • Whether you are looking to buy your sewing machine from a traditional brick and mortar store or an online shop, you will need to determine whether they are capable of presenting you with the best quality items or not. Make sure that you browse through their extensive catalogs and choose a product that best matches your tastes and preferences. The shop should also be able to provide you with additional sewing accessories in case you want them.
  • You will also need to ask yourself what kind of sewing projects you are looking to handle. Are you thinking of buying a sewing machine to perform some minor handy stitches or do some extensive stitching for creating new clothing items? The extent to which you are intending to use this device will play a major role in determining the type of machine that would be best for you.
  • When you are out to buy a sewing machine, you need to determine a budget from the start so that you do not overspend while you are doing the actual shopping. You will also need to do some market research first so as to come up with a budget that best matches your needs.


Sewing machines in India are available in different brands both home-made and imported. There are numerous sewing machine dealers across India.

Call a seasoned service provider to keep your sewing machine fit and fine

Did you ever consider sewing machine service important? It is critical if you are a garment manufacturer. The amount of fibers, dust, and dirt that get accumulated in the machine affects its performance and efficiency.

It is the reason; you need an efficient service provider to look after it. If you prefer to do it your own, then you need manual, disk-shaped screwdriver, tweezers and brush.

All these items are necessary for good cleaning. Though some people love to clean the machine in-house, it is not an appropriate way always.

Hence, people prefer to outsource the task of maintenance to professional service providers.

Indicative steps of sewing machine maintenance

Typically, sewing machine service provider checks the general working condition first. Experts come at your place and perform following actions mentioned below. These are indicative steps, and they may differ case to case.

  • Mechanics loosen tension springs by raising the pressure foot. They lose threads and dislodge lint by putting folded muslin cloth between tension discs.
  • They remove bobbin and bobbin case, and also remove the throat place.
  • They dust small lint and clean feed dogs.
  • Compressed air spray is used for removing threads and lint from different areas if the machine. It is important to keep the nozzle at least six inches away from the machine parts so that no moisture reaches there.
  • Machine mechanics follow sewing machine repair and maintenance guide to oil the machine. Every machine has a difference oiling guideline. Hence, it is important that your sewing machine service partner reads it carefully.

Why is it important to outsource machine maintenance activity?

Sewing machine maintenance is very important to keep the performance high. Hence, you should not take it lightly. Hire a service provider that is known for quality and reliability. Find an expert that you trust the most.

When you hire a servicing company that follows industry standards, it follows a brand-specific training. Every mechanic in the team specializes in a particular brand. It is the biggest benefit.

Calling an expert after every three months will cost you more than signing an annual maintenance contract.  Also, you will get reliable service.

Check local service providers only if they are affiliated with some recognized agency. It assures the quality of service. Follow tips and tricks of finding right servicing agency from the Internet. Read service reviews and feedback of users and customers.

Before hiring a company for sewing machine service for your garment industry, first you have to check the brand and the quality of the service provider.

Essential Sewing Machine Spare Parts must be Handy

Can you imagine your garment manufacturing halting for a day because you don’t have the spare parts? Can you perceive a single day without production just because the sewing machine or machines remained out of operation for want of spare parts? Well, if you are a serious garment manufacturer or have a sizeable factory that produces fabrics every day, then you are sensible enough to know the harshness of this issue.

It is good so long as the sewing machines are working appropriately, but you just cannot afford to lose any minute of work. And so sewing machine spare parts inherent for your business.

Need to rely upon professional machine makers

If you are large size garment manufacturer, you must have to take this point into consideration. While it is important that you choose the best brand of sewing device manufacturers and select the right company experienced in making machines, it is more than important that you get the spare parts on right time, as and when needed.

This is where professionals supersede the inexperienced, amateur manufacturers. They not only ensure that you get the right type of machine to meet your garment production needs, but they also ascertain that after sale service is elaborately covered.

Genuine spare parts for the safety of your machine

Yes, you admit it or not, but this is true. The sanctity of your sewing machine or machines, if you got many, depends upon their maintenance. Best of maintenance advice includes a lot of prime things but there is a special emphasis in those words of advice about the genuineness of spare parts.

So long as your machines are working perfectly, you have no worries. However, this perfect operation cannot go indefinitely. Every machine is bound to face wear and tear, and so your sewing machines too are prone to breakdown after a certain amount of usage.

Genuine spare parts protect your machine for any unwanted breakage. They increase the life of your sewing machine and companies with a long standing and reputation in this business make sure that you get those genuine spare parts.

As much as significant it is to buy a good sewing machine, it is crucial that you get sewing machine spare parts in their purest form and on time. Only a professional company with a good presence and dealers across the country can help you with this – it’s kind of an assure to facilitate your operations go on and on!

If you are searching for sewing machine spare parts for your garment industry, then contact the best sewing machine spare parts provider in Bangalore, India.