Why your garment manufacturing unit needs overlock machine?

A series of processes are involved in garment manufacturing and each one of it is relevant and significant. You can’t ignore or avoid any of them as it affects the overall finishing and quality of the garments.

Overlock or serging is a stitching method which involves one to four threads; one to two needles and one to two loopers.

It protects the edges from reveling and to close the seams in stretchy fabric or knitwear. It is also useful in fabrics that are too light.

When you buy the overlock machine for your garment manufacturing unit, make sure you choose the good one.

Which type of overlock machine is good?

In general, machines that use two to four threads are quite commonly used. Since it is possible to configure one machine for various varieties of stitches, you can utilize the flexibility and versatility of these machines.

In machines where five or more threads are used, typically one needle and one looper are used for chain stitching whereas the remaining needles and loopers take care of the overlock stitching.

The combination is called ‘safety stitch’ and these machines are very much popular.

A five thread machine hems the raw edges of cloth so that no loose threads hang from the edges. AS far as superiority is concerned, this machine is definitely better than others. The reason is; it uses two needles and loopers for secure stitching.

You must ensure that the machine you buy has the yarn breakage detection mechanism which should stop the machine as soon as the thread breaks.

The machine identifies broken threads immediately and thereby improves the quality of fabric.

How is overlock machine different from sewing machine?

Many people get confused by the actual application of it.Well, in fact, they complement each other in the sense that a few things that are not possible by sewing machine can be done using an overlock machine. It binds two layers of fabric using overlock stitch that can be creates using 3-4 different threads. The blades in this machine cut the fabric before stitching whereas in a typical sewing machine application, it is not possible.

This machine uses multiple threads to create stitches that are locked. In a sewing machine, there is only one or two threads are there in the needle. This machine is much faster than sewing machine.

Buy a good quality overlock machine for your garment manufacturing unit. It is inevitable tool.

To get the smooth edge finishing and sew seams, Use good quality of overlock machine for your garment industry or textile industry.