Why do garment manufacturers use fusing machines?

You need several varieties of machines and tools when you manufacture garments at the large scale. It is impossible to carry out the stuff manually as it is time-consuming and less productive.

Amongst the popular devices that bring high levels of automation in the garment manufacturing process, fusing machines for garments are considered very important. These machines hold the fabric and interlining on the conveyor belt.

As the best gets heated, the interlining and fabric get attached firmly. The accuracy of temperature and right alignment are important factors to determine the quality of manufacturing.

When you buy these machines, make sure it is the best in the class. Poor quality of fusing machine results in poor quality of garments.

Daily maintenance keeps the machines healthy

Even if you buy the best and the most expensive fusing machines for garments; it can’t produce top-class products if you do not maintain it well. Experts recommend daily checking of the machine before you start production.

Typically, the pressure on the three rollers (left, center and right) should be checked. Manual checking process can be used for detecting it. You should take a lightweight strip of woven fabric. Let it pass through the heat press machine by holding the other end tightly.

As the end passes through the rollers, the strip should be pulled to feel the pressure. Adjust the pressure if you feel it extraordinary high or inadequate.

Preparing the machine

It is a sophisticated machine. Hence, you should spend some time in preparing it for the production. When the machine is installed, you need the baseline setup. Refer installation manual provided by the vendor. Adjust pressure and temperature as per the data sheet.

Check the availability of thermometer and thermal paper. The temperature should be measured twice a day (typically before and after the lunch break). Perform bond test to know the strength of the machine.

Here are some important checkpoints

  • Physical condition and pressure of the pressure roller
  • Check temperature by using the thermal strip
  • Check all electrical connections
  • There should be solid state relay switches for this machine
  • Operators must wear protective gears such as gloves, visors and aprons
  • One should not operate it until it becomes completely stationary
  • Operators should not use fusing machines for garments if they feel sleepy or tired
  • Do not touch the chamber while the machine is on

Go for the best fusing machine for garments industries, who can offer both single bed and double bed fusing machines with high performance.


Fusing machine add variety and innovation in fabric manufacturing

Fusing process is one of the important and widely used processes in the garment manufacturing industry. It is used for attaching the interlining. Due to the increasing demand for attractive and unique designs and patterns, the use of fusing increases day by day.

Good quality fusing can’t be imagined without modern fusing machines. They are manufactured, and altered t incorporate new features. Hence, buying decision could be quite confusing when you decide to equip your setup with a new-age machine.

It is always advisable to go for the latest version as it gives better service and lasts long. Make the list of specifications before you discuss with the vendor.

What are different types of fusing?

Though there are several types of fusing, three types are quite common.

Double Fusing

Mostly done in the collar and front parts of stylish garments (jackets, tops, etc.); this process uses two types of interlinings. They are joined with the garment fabric in one step.

Since the temperature of these two interlines may be widely different, it is very much important to set the interlining and the fabric well.

Fusing machines that can do the joining process well are preferred by garment manufacturers.

Reverse Fusing

Reverse fusing is a process where you interline the fabric on the resin. The fusing bed is used for spreading the fabric and part that contains resin is directed in the upward direction.

Achieving proper spreading could be difficult here as the area of interlining is relatively small as compared to the total area of fabric.

Therefore, it is critically important to use high-precision machines because the quality of interlining determines its pricing.

Sandwich Fusing

As the name suggests, sandwich fusing involves two fabric layers and two interlining. The interlinings are placed between the fabrics and heat and pressure is applied to join them well.

Remember, if the pressure and heat is not applied properly, then the four layers may not get joined properly.  It is needless to say that it will impact the quality and the fabric may get rejected by the quality control.

Unsatisfactory performance of fusing machines can impact your profitability and productivity. Hence, you must gather sufficient information about the quality of machine before buying the machine. If you are comfortable with the internet, then gather information about a few state-of-the-art models.

Instead of the brand, prefer performance when you shortlist it for your manufacturing unit.

Using fusing machines in garment or textile industry, we can get unique designs and patterns on shirts, T-shirts, skirts, pants, tops, and various other clothes.