Industrial textile dryer, a critically important element of the fabric unit

By drying, we mean removing water and moisture from the fabric. In a typical textile finishing unit, dryers are used for drying the woven or knot fabrics or dyed yarn. Though the aim is to remove the moisture, every yarn and fabric required a different type of drying.

Based on the texture and thickness of the fabric, the time and energy required to evaporate the liquid from the fabric are different.

While buying Industrial textile drying machine, you need to be very much careful about the requirement specs and operating procedures.

While choosing industrial textile dryer, look at the number of chambers and burners in the machine. Also, check the working principle.

Working mechanism of industrial textile drying machine

Industrial dryers have two chambers. Two conveyers are placed lengthwise in the chamber, and each chamber has a burner to supply hot air. A ducting line and suction fan guide the hot air to the specific chamber. Nozzles are placed between the filter and conveyer net.

Hot air is supplied to the wet fabric through these nozzles. Exhaust fans take out the steam and vapors from the chamber.

The speed of dryer and vibration depend on the GSM of the fabric. The more is the GSM, the higher are vibration and speed.

Standard operating parameters

Well, the operating procedures vary from machine to machine, here are some standard parameters. Temperature is set between 1200 to 1300 degrees Celsius for white fabrics and 1500-1700 degrees Celsius for colors.

The speed of industrial textile dryer is kept as maximum as possible. It depends on the make, type, and model of the machine.

There is a steam control switch in the Industrial textile drying machine to regulate the amount of steam entering the chamber. It needs to be set according to the type of fabric.

A few tips to get the best out of industrial textile dryer

Though Industrial textile drying machine is capable of handling heavy loads and they are flexible enough to serve a wide variety of fabrics, operators need to follow a few precautions to get the best output.

When the fabric becomes more red or blue than normal, the temperature should be reduced.  When it appears more yellow than normal, then it is the time to increase the temperature.

These are all standard practices that are followed by industrial textile dryer operators. They keep a close eye on the product delivery and alter temperature accordingly.

Industrial textile drying machine plays an important role in textile or garment industry for removing the water and moisture from the fabric.


Industrial drying tumblers – must have machines for the laundry industry

Anyone looking to develop a thriving laundry service or laundry business needs to invest in the right kind of equipments necessary for the job. These include standard industrial cleaners, dry cleaning machines and industrial drying tumbler machines. These machines can help the business owners to clean and dry all clothes in the shortest possible time and make sure that the customers have their garments ready at the pre-decided time. It is a well known fact that the more generously a laundry service provider invests in these machines the greater is its chances to succeed in a rapidly developing and evolving market.

Commercial laundry has come a long way since its earlier days when the machines that were used were quite backdated and had only limited capacity in terms of the number of clothes that they could get cleaned and dried. However, with the advancement of science and technology, new cleaning and washing machines have been developed that can get a large number of clothes all clean and tidy within a short amount of time. It is not just necessary to get all clothes washed and cleaned as quickly as possible but also get them all dried and ready to be dispatched within a short amount of time. It is due to this reason that the laundry companies make use of industrial drying tumbler units and other types of drying systems.

A drying tumbler, also known as a tumble dryer, is an industrial grade machine that may have load capacities ranging anywhere between 5 kg and 120 kg. These machines are designed to dry off all the laundry items as quickly as possible while using as little energy to do it as possible. This makes it one of the most functional yet cost effective machinery for the laundry industry. It is also due to this reason that any laundry company looking to make it big in a cutthroat business market needs to have at least a couple of high capacity industrial drying tumblers. It is a well known fact that many laundry companies fail to increase their profit margins as they are needed to pay high sums of money for utility costs. However, by having one of these machines on board, it is perfectly possible for a laundry company to improve its prospects in the commercial laundry market.

The industrial tumble dryer systems are mainly gas powered. This makes them heat up rather quickly. The industrial tumble dryers also feature highly accurate sensors that can detect whether the laundry is dry or not. According to that, they can switch off the heating mechanism of the machines, this reducing energy expenditure and leaving just nothing down to operators. Although the machines might get extremely hot during operation, many of the latest machines come with built-in fire alarms which are connected to the fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers automatically get switched on in case there is a fire. Such wide range of features and benefits make these industrial tumble dryer systems indispensable for the laundry industry.

Industrial tumble dryer systems provided by many companies in Bangalore, the tumble dryer are particularly designed for garment export industry, towel dyeing units and all types of laundry works.

Purposeful Drying Machines for Different Industrial Uses

There was a time when washing the clothes and drying them was a routine activity that much depended on nature. After having washed the clothes, men and women had to look for proper sunlight to hang the cloths for drying. Needless to say that time has changed; as sophisticated machines have got available for washing and drying, people have simply forgotten the conventional method and switched over to the modern one!

However, washing and drying of fabrics is not just limited to household chores. A large number of companies also require these machines for industrial purpose and their drying and washing is not ordinary; it is in volumes. Evidently, there are special drying machines for industrial usage.

Drying activity in industries and role of machine

Machines used for the purpose of drying are used in different industries. Meeting the voluminous drying requirements and maintaining good quality are the prime purposes of these machines. However primarily, you can see these machines in industrial laundries and dying plants. It is obvious that drying is a predominant yet specific requirement in these two industries and so, companies spend a lot of money on purchasing good drying machines produced by professional companies.

Durability and capacity of machines are much significant in these industries and that’s the reason, managements have to be extremely sensitized about the quality and make of industrial drying devices.

Special requirement in textile garment industry

Companies that produce different types of garments require drying machines as an inseparable component of their production. Every type of garment or fabric may require a different treatment and for that, drying devices which are versatile in all respects are best.

Advanced machines produced by some renowned brands of world can ideally deliver drying requirements for coarse fabrics like jeans and delicate garments like those of hosiery or polar fabric. They accomplish the drying job with identical simplicity and quality.

A world-class producer of machines particularly meant for industrial drying offers a large range to suit various industrial requirements. The machines are versatile enough to manage any type and load of fabrics and they are completely safe to use.

In addition to quality, spares and services also are included by professional groups. They have adequate manpower with expertise for routine maintenance and in case of machine breakdown. Companies must pay a special attention to these factors when buying drying machines as they don’t want their production and quality to hamper at any time.

These day requirements of drying machines in the garment industry and textile industry, raising the demand year by year. Contact the best drying machine providers in Bangalore.