Juki India is determined to offer services better than expectations

The basic policy of Juki India is to provide technology which is customer-oriented. The products and services offered by the company are based on the requirement specifications given by the customers.

Since the company treats its customers as production partners, their opinions are given high importance. The company feels that the best way to add value to the product is learning about it from the customers.

Therefore, customer interaction is given the utmost importance. When products are modified according to the user expectations, it brings happiness to the customers who in turn promote the products to others.

Thus, it is a win-win situation for both.

Continuous improvement is the agenda

Certainly, Juki India believes in taking the product quality to higher and higher, adding to the customer satisfaction. The effort is to reach closer to the consumer who is the last point in the chain.

Every person in the company works relentlessly to satisfy customers up to the maximum extent.

Since its establishment in India in 1995, the company has always put the customer at the top. In these two decades, the company has expanded reasonably well. The northern and southern India is managed by the New Delhi and Bangalore offices respectively.

Other than these two offices, there are 9 branches at major production clusters located at major garment production clusters. In addition to it, there is an intricate network of sales and support. The Pan-India presence is ensured by distributors and agents who take the benefits and specialties of products to the consumers.

Technology is always at the top-most place

For Juki India, to maintain quality standards high is the priority item. By offering state-of-the-art household sewing machines and SMT system (Surface Mount Technology), it becomes a customer-centric company that takes care of each requirement of the users, major or minor.

The company has consistently worked on strengthening the apparel systems and electronic assembly and equipment. The technology of industrial quality sewing machine has always been the core competency.

The aim is to improve customer relationship further

The company looks forward to further improvement in customer relations.  The other two important divisions House Hold Sewing machine, and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) operate under the Infrastructure and Support division of the company.

Each member of the team is determined to offer fantastic service to the clients. The team has enough knowledge of machine installation, maintenance, and servicing.

IIGM is an alternative for Juki India, who provides varieties of sewing machines with different sizes which are suitable for all types of industries like garment industry and textile industry.


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