Buy appropriate zigzag sewing machine for your garment manufacturing setup

When you stitch clothes, there is a need of several types of stitches. Obviously, one sewing machine can’t fulfill the requirements of all types. For example, when you stitch laces or you want to hem edges; you need zig zag sewing machine.

It forms a zigzag seam where the stitches are at an angle to each other. The seam looks beautiful, and it is firmer than the normal seam.

A zigzag machine operates with the speed of 5000 stitches per minute. The distance between two stitches can be 10 MM at the most.

With the change in the direction and sequence of the horizontal movements of the needle, you can achieve figured zigzag seams.  It gets repeated after several stitches. Zigzag machines are very useful for several applications.

How does zigzag stitch form?

The machine uses bobbin and chain stitch to form the pattern. When the fabric moves one stitch down the seam (typically known as the fabric step), the needle moves left and right alternatively.  The fabric step and the needle step determine the width of the seam and width of the zigzag respectively.

When you choose a zig zag sewing machine, make sure you pay attention to these two parameters. Based on the requirement f your fabric, you can use an appropriate machine. The width and angle of the zigzag are adjustable up to some extent, though.

You must look into the requirement before buying zig zag sewing machine

Before you decide to spend considerable money for a specialized sewing machine, it is important to know the requirement beforehand. What you want to have in your manufacturing unit and what you actually need are two different things.

If there is not much requirement of zig zag stitch, then you can decide to outsource the same. However, if you have a frequent requirement, then it is cost-effective decision to buy the machine instead of outsourcing it every time.

Amongst several models, you should pick the most suitable one for your needs. Do not over estimate or under estimate your requirements. It will lead into purchasing an inappropriate machine.

Once you are clear about the requirement, start looking for machines that fit into your budget. Read every line of functional specification so that you do not miss anything important.

Check the extra facilities such as adjustable length of stitch and patterned stitches, etc. Don’t look at the price tag only. Give priority to your work requirement.

Most of the garment industry or text tile industries need the zig zag sewing machine for stitching stretchable fabric.


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