Review of Commercial Washing Machines G1 LW1 Tonello

The industrial washing machine G1 LW1 is a product from IIGM, the front runner technology and service provider in India in the home textile and apparel technology. The G1 LW1 washing machine is latest in its generation. It comes equipped with an LCD TFT touchscreen. This helps you negotiate the machine under tough conditions and get it right each time.

Highly programmable models

The beauty of a Tonello machine is that it allows a great degree of flexibility in programming. It has several default programmes too. You can use one of the many readymade recipes by transferring it from a USB stick. This will also help you control the machine through a centralised command and work from a remote area. You may even link it with other machines to enhance the productivity of the work.

Sampling model and working models

You have several models from which you can choose your washing machine. The Tonello G1 70LW is perfect for sampling the processes. You can get the feedback on a variety of washing processes such as stonewash, bleach, enzyme wash, and so on. You get the same effect on the production machine which is liquor ratio=mechanical action=result. In this model, you have two varieties – LW and LW1. The 70 LW1 has a volume of 700 cc while the 70LW1 has 565 cc.

Specifications of the working models

The regular house use models range from the G1 130 LW1 to the G1 325 LW1, the G1 420 LW1, and the G1 510 LW1. The cylinder volume increases from 1314 cc to 3112 cc, 4180 cc, and 5094 cc. The power also increases accordingly from 11 kW, to 14 kW, 17 kW, through to 24 kW. The rotation speed is 200 rpm for the first two and 110 rpm for the last two.

Use for many types of washes

These models are adapted to any type of washing – stonewash, bleach, enzyme wash, and more – and suited for a variety of fabric material. They come with a basket that has attached beaters to help enhance the quality of the wash. You can use it with a variety of garment finishes. They are particularly suited for washing the jeans.

Height and width of the models

The cylinder diameter is 1323 mm for the G1 130 LW1. It is slightly more for the G1 325 LW1 at 1620 mm and is 1878 mm for the other two models. The height of the models varies as 2130 mm and 2650 mm for the first two and 2600 mm for the other two.

You get uniform quality each time. There is a pre-extractor that you can use for each machine.

Buy the branded industrial washing machine for your garment, which suites for any type of washing like stonewash, bleach, and enzyme wash.


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