Harsh laundry chemicals cause everlasting damage to your clothes

As the lifestyle becomes more hectic in cities and metros, people find very less time for completing household affairs. It gives rise to outsourcing the tasks to professional service providers.

Washing and ironing clothes are unavoidable and inevitable tasks. They are not only time-consuming but quite taxing as well. It is the reason people love to assign it to laundry services.

Though there are several benefits of outsourcing the same, there are some shortcomings too. If the service provider doesn’t follow quality and standards, then you could find the services unsatisfactory.

Use of substandard Laundry chemicals is the most common nuisance. It spoils the clothes and reduces life. Your clothes lose charm, and glaze very soon.

Conventional laundry products contain harmful and toxic chemicals

Yes, professional laundry service providers make your clothes spotless clean, and they smell incredibly fresh. However, have you ever noticed that clothes that otherwise last for a few years lose their charm in a few months when they are serviced by mediocre laundry?

Yes, it happens because they use low-quality laundry products which are cheap and purchased from the local market. Not only they are harmful to your clothes but your health as well.

Studies reveal that artificially scented products emit several volatile organic compounds that are pollutants and dangerous for human health.

Good laundries use top-class laundry products

While there are low-standard washing services that use inferior products, there are good companies that do not compromise on quality standards.

They use detergents that are made as per quality standards and pollution control standard. They use bleaching agents and petroleum products of high purity.

When your clothes get such good treatment, they do not lose their charm and glaze for years. Your attires look clean, bright and incredibly fresh.

Safe and hygienic products do not contain harmful Laundry chemicals. Rather, they are made from organic, bio-degradable ingredients.

If there is no sharp synthetic fragrance in the washed clothes, then you can assume that the laundry operator did not use harmful chemical-based detergents.

Similarly, if the clothes are not exceptionally bright, then you can assume that there is no harsh bleach used in the dry-cleaning process.

Do not put disproportionately high expectations

Do not pressurize your service provider about the quality of washing and dry-cleaning. If you are skeptical about the cleanliness and freshness, then they will be forced to use strong Laundry chemicals. Make your expectations clear in the very first meeting.

If you want cleanliness and freshness of your clothes, use good quality of laundry chemicals which is made from organic, bio-degradable ingredients.


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