CAD adds to the imaginative power of a textile designer

Use of technology enhances the quality of the manufacturing process. The garment industry is a competitive industry where technology can play a significance role.

By using sophisticated Cad software for garment industry, designers can create highly imaginative and creative designs.

They can visualize it and see how the garment will look without a need for producing a sample. Computer Aided Design or CAD made a revolutionary impact in the garment manufacturing world. It modernizes the designing process and adds great value to it.

Hence, it becomes the integral and unavoidable part of the production process. In the fiercely competitive world today, it is impossible to beat the competition without producing innovative designs.

CAD makes designing easy

In the whole process of garment manufacturing, designing is the most complex and cumbersome aspect. Textile engineers are required to put their brains in conceptualizing new and fresh design concepts.

It gives freedom from creating designs using drawing board. By using CAD, they can do it quickly and accurately. They need a computer system, the software and the whole world of designs can be created by the click of the mouse.

The designs are accurate, neat and presentable. Editing or modifying a design is very easy. The same design can be reproduced multiple times by making a slight variation in the color, shades or dimension.

It is the reason; no garment designing lab can survive without sophisticated Cad software for garment industry.

What do we mean by Computer Aided Design?

When computer aided tools are used in the pre-manufacturing stage (or designing stage), it is called CAD. There are two other variants of it; CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) and CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design).

In the textile manufacturing world, CAD is more relevant and useful. It includes software and industry-specific hardware as well (if the manufacturing process is integrated with design).

 Why is it relevant to garment manufacturing?

Conceptualizing new ideas and concepts in garment manufacturing is a vivid and imaginative process. The basic artwork is in the form of film negatives, samples of fabrics or painted artwork. An imaginative designer converts it into workable designs using a sophisticated CAD system.

The final design can be obtained after a few rounds of correction and recreation, but CAD is highly helpful in making accurate patterns. It offers high levels of detailing, grading, layout and design.  The right use of CAD has the potential to the industry at remarkable heights.

If you want to boast your garment industry use CAD software for garment industry, the software plays an important role in getting the various designs and patterns on textiles.


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