Computer-controlled embroidery machines create impressive and attractive designs

Use of embroidery is quite popular in the modern times. It is not only an important aspect of branding and decoration but also product quality. Computerized machines use new-age software to make operations simple.

Give appropriate embroidery software training to your team so that they can explore the salient features of it.

Since new and advanced machines use complex software, it is important that your team knows the ins and outs of its operating procedure.

Six functional activities of computerized embroidery process

As far as the use of modern embroidery machine is concerned, it is a complex process which can be broken into six steps.

  • Interpretation of the design and converting it into soft copy is the first and most important aspect.
  • The design is stored in a file format which is understandable by the embroidery machine.
  • The machine reads the file, and appropriate programming instructions are fed to the system.
  • Put the fabric into the appropriate slots you want to embroider on. Machine arms hold the fabric well to ensure correctness of the design.
  • Start the machine and feed the respective program details.
  • The machine runs as per given instructions and finishes stitching.

Your team needs embroidery software training so that you make the best use of it.

How do computer-controlled embroidery machines work?

The majority of embroidery we see around is produced using computer-controlled machines. These sophisticated machines have multi-needle embroidery head which is fixed. A frame holder moves the product into both the directions so that design can be embroidered.

Frame holder is also called pantograph. It plots the design coordinates in two directions, i.e. x and y coordinates. X coordinate is horizontal axis, and Y coordinate is vertical.

Embroidery machine reads the co-ordinate using the source data file and moves the pantograph into a position to receive new positions.

The more sophisticated the machine is, the higher is the perfection.

It is a techno-creative process

Using a good-quality software-controlled machine is a combination of creativity and technology. Three parameters decide the complexity of designs:

  • Type of fabric
  • Design complexity and color combination
  • Number of needles used

When you decide to buy a computerized embroidery machine, buy the best one that fits into your requirement.

Cost is an important criterion, but don’t cut corners because you may end up by installing a mediocre machine. Read user reviews and feedback before you finalize a product.

Catch hold of the best embroidery software training which can help for satisfying the each and every client requirement easily.


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