Call a seasoned service provider to keep your sewing machine fit and fine

Did you ever consider sewing machine service important? It is critical if you are a garment manufacturer. The amount of fibers, dust, and dirt that get accumulated in the machine affects its performance and efficiency.

It is the reason; you need an efficient service provider to look after it. If you prefer to do it your own, then you need manual, disk-shaped screwdriver, tweezers and brush.

All these items are necessary for good cleaning. Though some people love to clean the machine in-house, it is not an appropriate way always.

Hence, people prefer to outsource the task of maintenance to professional service providers.

Indicative steps of sewing machine maintenance

Typically, sewing machine service provider checks the general working condition first. Experts come at your place and perform following actions mentioned below. These are indicative steps, and they may differ case to case.

  • Mechanics loosen tension springs by raising the pressure foot. They lose threads and dislodge lint by putting folded muslin cloth between tension discs.
  • They remove bobbin and bobbin case, and also remove the throat place.
  • They dust small lint and clean feed dogs.
  • Compressed air spray is used for removing threads and lint from different areas if the machine. It is important to keep the nozzle at least six inches away from the machine parts so that no moisture reaches there.
  • Machine mechanics follow sewing machine repair and maintenance guide to oil the machine. Every machine has a difference oiling guideline. Hence, it is important that your sewing machine service partner reads it carefully.

Why is it important to outsource machine maintenance activity?

Sewing machine maintenance is very important to keep the performance high. Hence, you should not take it lightly. Hire a service provider that is known for quality and reliability. Find an expert that you trust the most.

When you hire a servicing company that follows industry standards, it follows a brand-specific training. Every mechanic in the team specializes in a particular brand. It is the biggest benefit.

Calling an expert after every three months will cost you more than signing an annual maintenance contract.  Also, you will get reliable service.

Check local service providers only if they are affiliated with some recognized agency. It assures the quality of service. Follow tips and tricks of finding right servicing agency from the Internet. Read service reviews and feedback of users and customers.

Before hiring a company for sewing machine service for your garment industry, first you have to check the brand and the quality of the service provider.


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