Manual cutters do not lose relevance in garment industry in spite of automation

In the stitching workshop or a garment industry, cutting is a crucial process. The goodness of the final product largely depends on the perfection in cutting. From ages, workmen have been trying to device better and better methods of making it more perfect.

Though automated systems have captured a lot of space, manual cutting hasn’t lost the relevance and criticality. It is the reason; you can find a large number of manual fabric cutter devices in the marketplace.

The fully manual process is time-consuming but ideal for small-scale industries that can’t afford an increase in the operating cost. From hand operated scissors to die cutting machines and drills; you have the whole world of choices.

In the modern world, computerized and CNC-based machines have become quite popular. Since garment industry grows with a rapid speed, it is impossible to cope up with the heavy demand by using old-styled manual systems.

The amicable solution is to use a blend of automatic and manual processing method so that the quality and perfection can be achieved without compromising the production quantity.

Types of fully manual devices

When you think about a manual fabric cutter, the first thing comes into your mind is hand operated scissor. Yes, it is the basic tool to cut the fabric. However, there are several other tools such as manually operated power knife, straight and bend knife, round knife and several varieties of die cutting tools.

Notchers and drills are also used in cutting the fabric in different ways.  When you decide about the right kind of tools in your garment manufacturing unit, it is critically important to choose the right kind of things.

Based on the type and variety of the fabric, you should select the best type of tools. Incorrect selection leads to drop in productivity and quality.

A skilled cutter makes use of manual and automatic tools

Garment manufacturing is a complex process where it is important to make use of the right tool at the right place. A manual fabric cutter in a particular application can’t be replaced by an automatic device. A straight-knife can’t be replaced with a vertical knife.

One has to be skeptical while choosing the right tool. Ask experts if there is some confusion. Online tool suppliers are there where you can find all types of manual and computer-controlled tools and devices.

Choose what suits your requirement and then order what you feel right.

Using manual fabric cutter in the garment industry, we can get the quality products and it also reduces the wastage of fabric and increase the business profit.


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