Use Sublimation Press to print eye-catching designs on the fabric

Dye sublimation is one of the popularly used printing mechanisms today. It is a process where graphics or designs are printed on a special transfer paper. The inks used for making designs are a special one.

Using a heat press, the ink on the paper gets transferred to the fabric. Not only in the garment industry, but this process is used for making several types of items.

Sublimation press plays a pivotal role in the printing process. When you use high-quality paper, ink and press machine; it is possible to make high-quality items.

The better your products are, the more they will be preferred by clients. It adds new dimensions to the business.

Don’t cut corners while deciding the machine and paper

Based on the market demand, there are several categories of pressing machines are being manufactured. You need to be clear about the requirement while choosing an appropriate one.

If you want a quality output, then do not look at the price. Rather, choose the best stuff even if it is exceedingly expensive than other products.

Always choose a coated sublimation paper that has the best ink absorption and releasing capability. Good quality machines generate excellent image quality by smooth and even ink transfer and accurate saturation. As a result, your products are outstandingly superior.  You get maximum user attention to your products; decorative stuff, soft signage or garments!

What all do you need for the business?

Of course, you need the best quality Sublimation press machine, but there are several other things required to run the business of sublimation products.

Computer system and software

Yes, it is the new-age technique where you need a computer-based system and skilled human resources.  Using the computer system, you can create new and innovative digital graphics and designs. Also, you can keep a stringent control on the complete process.

Remember, not all sublimation press machines supply the software with it.  Hence, you should be watchful while checking the specifications

Four-color or Eight-color machine, it depends on what is your business requirement.

Cutting machines

In a garment industry, one can’t forget the cutting machines.  Though a rotary blade and hot knife are the most common cutting tools, you need other varieties such as digital cutter with a plotter. Sophisticated machines are greatly useful in pattern cutting.

You can produce fantastic quality garments that are surprisingly superior to others if the machines and equipment used are of good quality.

Sublimation press plays a vital role in the printing process. By using this we can get verities of graphical design on shirts, T-shirts, skirts, pants, and various other clothes.


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