Handy spot removing machines ensure clean and lustrous garments in the market

Finishing is the final stage in the apparel manufacturing process where quality testers look into everything that affects the aesthetics. It is critically important for producing a defect free product for the customers.

Quality control department lays down fundamental quality specifications that are supposed to be mandatorily followed.

Product not meeting the quality specs is considered a ‘defective’ product, and it has to be dealt with separately.

Amongst several tools and machines that are used for making the product compliant with the quality standards, Spot removing machine is an important one.  It removes the stains on the fabric and makes it sparkling clean.

Once the cutting and sewing process are over, stitched garment moves to the final round of finishing where the following tasks are done:

  • Thread removal
  • Stain removal
  • Quality inspection
  • Measurement
  • Label attaching
  • Barcode attaching
  • Folding
  • Ironing
  • Packing and packaging

In the whole process, stain removal is an important task. In the process of stitching, it is impossible to avoid stains. However, you can’t send a stained garment to the customers.

Hence, portable stain removal machines are quite useful and popular.

Spray gun is handy and useful device

They are known as Spray Guns, Spot Guns, Spot Cleaning Guns or Stain Cleaning Guns. The names are different, but the purpose is the same; removing stains from the clothes and making them spotlessly clean.

Since it is handy and convenient, Spot removing machine is quite popular in the fabric manufacturing world.  They make the process pretty simple.

You can find a variety of multi-utility spray guns that can be highly useful in removing oil stains, dirt, and other stains from the finished products without impacting its appearance and luster.

These machines spray solvents at very high pressure and velocity. Thus, only dirt gets removed, and there is no harm to the fabric. The velocity and pressure of the solvent are adjustable parameters.  It makes it versatile and user-friendly machines.

They do not add to the production cost much

Though the machines work on the electrical power, the power consumption is quite less. Thus, they do not add much to the cost of manufacturing.  You don’t require any separate compressor machine. It is a small, lightweight and handy device.

There are several brands of Spot removing machine in the market, but make sure you buy a product of high quality and European acceptance.

Now a day spot removing machine creates huge demand in the fabric manufacturing field, it will help in removing the stains on the fabric and makes it clean.


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