Fabric inspection becomes easy by the use of automated inspection machines

With the increasing competition and quality consciousness of customers, fabric manufactures can’t afford to send material that is even slightly less than the best in quality. Hence, it is critically important to inspect each lot carefully.

It is needless to say that manual inspection is not possible as the volume of production is quite large. Therefore, people use Fabric inspection machines so that there is no risk of inferior product hitting the shelves.

The acceptable number of joins and roll size (minimum and maximum) is determined by the apparel manufacturers who are the customers. Also, both parties need to agree upon the trimming or not trimming of fabric edges.

Once the classification of fabric defect is done, a rating system is followed by Quality Control experts. Based on their rating, the lot is approved or discarded.

Automation makes it easy

Yes, it always desirable that the manual process has to be automated.  With the advancement in the technology, we can choose from the list of smart and more convenient processes. Use of Fabric inspection machines instead of manual inspection is the example of it.

The machines should be smooth, easy to use and understandable to the people working in the inspection work. The design of the machine should be smooth and adaptable.

Automatic length counter and overhead and undercarriage lighting arrangement make the defect detection easy.

Inspection Process explained

Inspectors choose the rolls for inspection. They place the stuff on the device. Usually, the face side (or the outer side) is inspected. However, both sides are inspected if required. It depends on the nature and price of the fabric.

The shading on the sides and the center, shading difference from roll to roll and shading consistency from the start to end of the roll are important parameters.

When Fabric inspection machines are used, the approved fabric is fed to the machine so that it is used as the reference during the quality inspection.

Why is quality inspection critical?

Two aspects make it a business critical process. First is, customers are highly quality conscious nowadays. They do not negotiate rates, but they do not accept inferior quality either. Hence, manufacturers are always on their toes. They are forced to produce consistent stuff.

Secondly, customers have several choices today. They do not come to the seller again if the buying experience is not delightful. It forces the manufacturers to be stringent in quality once and always.

To maintain uniform width in garment industries or textile industries, they all go with the fabric inspection machines.


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